Lessons Learned from A Webinar: “Trump Effect”

October 30, 2018

I attended a wonderful webinar today regarding undocumented students on community college campuses to hear various higher education leaders about what they are studying and doing on their campuses to support their undocumented student population. This really was a wonderful webinar and it was interesting to see what individuals were doing in Colorado and Kentucky, for example.

I appreciated hearing how some of them were still struggling until recently having undocumented students filling out physical applications instead of online applications, how funding opportunities remain a struggle for their students, and their is still a language barrier for the bilingual population. I was excited to learn that one of the campuses has an UndocuPeer program. I cannot wait to learn more about that program! That is not something that I had ever heard of, but it made so much sense and sounded successful.

After the webinar was over, what was really exciting was that I really saw where my research fit into the undocumented student support landscape. I understood where persistence to graduation and resilience to resistance and retaliation became of importance and necessity. I already appreciated all the work everyone was doing around the nation to support undocumented students, and of course I love the research that mine builds on. However, I gained an even greater appreciation. I was inspired to do more work and continue my passion. ~Dr. Maggie

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