Coming Soon…Raised in the U.S.A Podcast!

December 18, 2018

Wow! I have been wanting to do a podcast for over a year now and there is so much to learn. I don’t think that people who listen to podcasts really understand what it takes to make them. I know I didn’t. 

It took me awhile going back and forth as to what I wanted my podcast to be about and I thought one thing and it turned out to be something totally different. I am so excited to have this first podcast focused on undocumented and DACA student affairs.

I do have to say though, managing, producing, and hosting your own podcast is very daunting. I sat on it for the year and learned many different things from some great experts out there, but nothing prepared me for what it was really like to get this show up and running.

I am still in the middle of getting everything ready for my launch in January 2019, but I am really excited. To learn more about the podcast or be on the show take a look at the Raised in the U.S.A. webpage for more details!

I’m sure I will not just be writing about the different topics covered in the podcast, but also this new world of being a podcaster. More to come! ~Dr. Maggie

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