Want to work with Dr. Maggie?

There are multiple opportunities to work with Dr. Maggie. She is a university professor, researcher, speaker, and podcaster.

DACA & Undocumented Student Support

  • Does your campus need additional resources to support undocumented and DACA students?
  • Would you like your faculty to have an undocually training so they could be more informed about undocumented and DACA policies and additional legal/political/social topics?
  • Have you considered starting an undocumented student resource center?

Raised in the U.S.A Podcast

  • Are you enrolled in a 2-year community college or a 4-year university and an Undocumented or DACA student?
  • Are you involved in any campus organizations that are working on supporting Undocumented or DACA students on your campus?
  • Are you a teacher, counselor, faculty, higher education administrator who works with Undocumented or DACA students?
  • Do you own, work with, or run an organization that supports Undocumented or DACA students?
  • Are you a researcher or scholar who is currently studying and/or publishing research on Undocumented or DACA students?

Speaking Opportunities

  • Are you looking for someone to educate your staff on Undocumented and DACA student affairs?
  • Are you looking for someone to open the discussion on your campus with your Undocumented and DACA students regarding the campus environment on immigration and feelings of current levels of support for this student population?
  • Do you need someone to begin the conversation on how empathy is used to connect with Undocumented and DACA students (as well as other vulnerable student populations) and support them for retention and graduation?


If you answered YES to ANY of these questions, please email Dr. Maggie today to schedule a discovery call to connect info@drmaggiedominguez.com 


fill out the following Undocumented/DACA Student Ally Form.